BuidlHodl Capital is excited to announce our investment in Tokenplace — an online trading platform that aggregates liquidity from leading cryptocurrency exchanges to provide traders with a single interface where they can find the best prices for every coin on the market.

Tokenplace was founded by crypto traders with strong business backgrounds who saw inefficiency in the system of multiple exchanges. Since exchanges today offer varying prices and different trading pairs, traders must set up numerous exchange accounts and toggle between them as they trade.

The ultimate goal is a seamless, single-KYC Tokenplace account that allows users to trade simultaneously on all exchanges. The entire landscape of exchanges can then essentially be seen as backend tech, hidden under the hood of a powerful trading and analytics cockpit.

At the heart of Tokenplace’s engine are the order-splitting or order-routing algorithms, the most powerful of which is Smart Post. It is a relatively patient protocol, though it sometimes executes even large orders in a minute or two. The second base order type is SWAT, which is more aggressive, akin to a market order that you want to execute immediately.

To take advantage of Smart Post, the user selects multiple exchanges that they have connected via API, and places the order. Smart Post then acts as a “shadow order,” making sure not to move the market by revealing a large order all at once. It analyzes recent market activity to identify an optimal order size that won’t move the needle, and breaks the order down into those bite-size chunks. It then executes those sub-orders one by one, automatically finding the best price among all connected exchanges.

Clearly, in order to manually achieve the same price optimization as Smart Post, a trader would spend an immense amount of time and effort toggling between exchanges. And they would not be able to do the analysis to optimize order size. Tokenplace trading algos have access to a powerful real-time market data engine with order book info from 30+ exchanges.

“We at Tokenplace are super excited and honored to be partnering with experts in the crypto space such as BuidlHodl Capital. We see Asia as an accelerator for crypto adoption globally and a critical market for our future product trajectory amongst retail investors. We anticipate significant growth of crypto traders in Asia, and an acute need for user-friendly, secure and intuitive solutions like Tokenplace”.

— Nina Knox, Founder & CEO Tokenplace

The beta release of the product will be in June, at which point product demos and tutorials will also become available.

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